Permanent Makeup Artistry

                                                           ​San Ramon, CA

Why Pretty Please Studio?

  • Experienced permanent makeup professional
  • Advanced SofTap modality which is less invasive than microblading
  • Member of Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) since 2010
  • Registered with the Contra Costa Health Department, OSHA Compliant ​

Check out our Before and After photos to see why Pretty Please Studio is making waves in the beauty industry.

Pretty Please Studio is the Bay Area's first choice for natural and subtle looking permanent cosmetics.

Permanent makeup when done right, is subtle and natural looking.  Whether you have sparse eyebrows, need definition around the eyes and lips, or want longer lashes, Pretty Please Studio will give you beautiful color and design that lasts.  

​Say goodbye to filling in your brows every morning, smudged eyeliner, washed out lip color, and say hello to convenience and a polished look!

Pretty Please Studio offers a variety of cosmetic tattoo procedures to help you look your best:

  • Eyebrow hairstrokes
  • Eyeliner and lashline enhancer
  • Lip liner and lip shading
  • Permanent makeup lightening and correction 

Need to fix or modify your previous permanent makeup? We specialize in correction procedures for both design and color. Contact us for a free appointment to discuss your options.