Permanent Makeup Artistry

                                                           ​San Ramon, CA

Gerri I.  Hayward, CA 4/25/2014
My husband found Jee on line and I hesitated because of a very bad previous experience - after checking her website and the before/after photos, I scheduled a consultation visit with Jee - as soon as she saw my previous work, she completely understood why my hesitance (they were awful) - we talked for about an hour while thoroughly explaining her procedure step by step on what she would do to help correct my previous work.   Of course the day I went in to have the brows done, I was so nervous, but felt confident she'd be the one to help me.  After the healing, I was so happy with the results.  It's been 13 months since I had them done and time to go back to have the brows re-touched; looking forward to getting the "freshened up" look.  I highly recommend her Services - thank you!
Bernadette P.  San Mateo, CA    5/30/2014
I was scared to get my brows tattooed but they look amazing!  So glad I took the leap and I have no regrets.  I am employed in the beauty business and my colleagues can be unforgiving and judgmental BUT I get constant compliments and no one knows they are tattoos unless I tell them!

Been going to Jee for 3 years now, each time I get a touch up, my brows look better and better.
Amanda G. San Ramon, CA   6/17/14
Fantastic!  I got my eyeliner and eyebrows (hair stroke) done.  I'm blonde with fair skin so with no makeup I used to look very washed out.  I love the natural looking results I have.  I can go swimming without worrying about my eyebrows disappearing.  This is not an area you want to groupon or bargain shop, this is permanent and on your face.  Pretty Please is not the cheapest nor the most expensive but well worth every penny.  Jee Kim is very knowledgable and honest, she really listens to what you want and makes sure you are realistic on what to expect.  

**** Why Pretty Please over others?? She does it in 2 parts, call to let her explain.  You will be so glad you did ****
Denise L.  Livermore, CA  12/23/2014
Jee does wonderful work and best of all, she listens to her clients to deliver very good results. I was very hesitant the first time I went to her and after two visits can now give a honest review. I would highly recommend her!


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O.D. San Francisco, CA 2/21/2014
Highly Recommended !I love Jee's precise work and personal style ! ( I searched for a while before I made my choice to work with her...)She is clean, professional, kind, and tuned a 100% to one's needs.  I loved what she had done for me. My eyebrows could not look better.No one would imagine it had been tattooed. She is the best out there. Enjoy your vibrant new look !
Madeleine S.  San Ramon, CA2/25/2014
I would like to recommend Jee to anyone who is considering permanent makeup.  I had my eyebrows done and I am so pleased with the results!  I've had to blend my natural brows with with brow pencil as they have lost their shape and volume over the last few years. It took me forever, they never were even, plus they would smear or wipe off on hot days.  Nothing like walking around with half an eyebrow!!!  Jee thank you so much for the beautiful work on my eyebrows!!  I love them, they are a better shape than my natural brow and my make up looks awesome :)  You are the best!