Permanent Makeup Artistry

                                                           ​San Ramon, CA

Carolina C.  Modesto, CA . 4/10/2018

Jee is amazing. I had my eyebrows tattooed from 10 years ago, and though I thought they were okay 10 years ago, they really never looked good nor did they look natural. I was looking for a week and doing research around my surrounding area where I could find someone that I could trust to not make it worse and actually even work a miracle. I drove over an hour to get to her studio/spa but it was more than worth it! I am very fortunate to have found her. She made the grey I had before look way less obvious (it was pretty bad, the bad tattoo never faded, just turned an ugly grey), and she was able to shape them so nice. I'm super happy and I highly recommend you got to her if you are considering getting your eyebrows micro bladed. Thank you Jee!Type your paragraph here.

Leslie G.  Tracy, CA . 4/28/2017

When I was around 12 I thought I knew how to pluck my eyebrows and just completely ruined them. It was so bad that just trying to fill them in with makeup wouldn't do the job. I never even knew this permanent makeup/microblading existed before someone told me about it. I googled it a bunch and found Jee. Her work has changed my life! (As dramatic and over the top as that sounds..) I have ALWAYS been so self conscious of my eyebrows until she did them. It's so amazing! The shape, the color, everything! She is so amazing at what she does! She made me feel super comfortable throughout the entire process. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but is such an awesome person in general. Super funny, easy to talk to, and ofcourse AWESOME at what she does!! This is 100% without a doubt something I will continue to do for as long as I live! So beyond happy with the results!

Trina P.  Antioch, CA 8/29/2016

Jee was amazing. I was so worried about getting permanent eye liner but my mom and I always wanted to do it! Her Yelp reviews lead me to call and her professional presence and knowledge base helped me make the appointment and I'm so glad! 
After my first session my eyes swelled so bad! This was expected, with some icing they went down and I looked like I had been sleepy or crying. I can handle that. The second day after the procedure my eyes looked totally normal and my eyeliner was healing. Two more days later the top peeled off (completely painless) and my eyeliner was perfect! We had a follow up appointment to go a little thicker and see if any touch up was needed, the swelling was much less the second time and I already knew icing would help so we got on that the same night. 
The end result is not as bold as the actual day of the tattoo, but it is the perfect liner to add to if I wanted or leave for a casual makeup day, which was exactly what I wanted! 
My mother has green eyes so her eyeliner stood out more, this helps her eyes look refreshed and naturally lined, we are both so happy with our results. 
Jee urged against going too thick on the liner, the skin has tendencies to allow ink migration the further from your eyelashes and the skin droops with age. I was so glad to hear Jees thought process on her technique, she truly cares about giving the best outcome for her clients. 
Thank you Jee, I'm happy to refer you to my family and friends:)

R.G.  Clayton, CA   4/20/2018

Jee is a consummate professional and truly talented. 
Allowing someone to work on my face is / was very scary and takes A LOT of trust.  (Not yelling, simply emphasizing). After much research, I decided on Jee. 

Jee literally changed my life! She is truly amazing and I sing her praises at every opportunity. Those who know I did it (eyebrows and lips) are blown away at the job she did. When asked, I tell her name, the spa name and address, and ph number. I really hope someone finds their way to her. In addition to her skill, she is most generous with her time and her fee because she does it till it's right and both she and her client are satisfied; these are professional and admirable qualities not often found these days.
Go to her. Talk with her. I guarantee you'll be happy you did. She's a true artist with high standards and equally high ethics. 
Not your grandmother's permanent makeup!Type your paragraph here.

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