Permanent Makeup Artistry

                                                           ​San Ramon, CA


  • Eyebrow 12 months
  • Eyeliner/Eyelash enhancer: 1-2 years
  • Lips: 2+years

Q:  What is the difference between Micro Blading and SofTap?

Micro Blading is using a blade to make incisions in the skin, then rubbing pigment into the cuts.  SofTap is a gentle tapping motion of needles to embed pigment into the skin.  SofTap is more gentle on the skin and better suitable for aging skin 40 years old and older.

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​Q:  Is it safe? All supplies/tools are packaged for single use only and immediately disposed into a Sharps container for recycling after each procedure.  Pretty Please Studio is OSHA compliant and annual inspection from The Contra Costa Health Department is registered and completed.
Q:  How long does the procedures last? Depending on the individuals lifestyle and following aftercare instructions, a typical application will last as follows:
Q: What tools are used? SofTap is a manual hand held tool that's shaped like a pen.  Sterile, single-use needles gently insert pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.  There's no electrical device, noise or vibration. It is safer and less invasive than Microblading.
Q:  Does it hurt? We use topical aesthetics specifically designed for Permanent Makeup before and during the procedure to ensure comfort for our clients.  Some clients describe the treatment as "mildly irritating but tolerable".
​​​Q:  How long is a typical appointment? Allow up to 2 hours for the first appointment.  The first hour is designated to complete the consent/medical form, design shape using a topical eyebrow pencil, select pigment color, and numbing.  Upon approval of design, the Permanent Makeup procedure is completed. Allow 1.5 hours for the follow up "touch up" appointment four weeks after the initial visit. 

Q:  Who can benefit from Permanent Makeup? Women and men ages 18 and older can benefit from Permanent Cosmetics.  Natural looking and subtle colors are key to giving your face a rejuvenated look.  Certain medications may interfere with healing process.  Please call for additional information.
Q:  Why doesn't everyone get permanent make up? Not everyone knows the secret and the benefits of permanent makeup, so be sure to tell your friends!!!  We offer gift certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q:  What are some aftercare recommendations? The sun will expedite fading of pigment color.  Therefore, it is advised to use sunblock daily , and avoid laying out in the sun.  Wear hats and sunglasses when necessary.  Use of Rentoid products will exfoliate skin, therefore, avoid use directly on Permanent Makeup area.