Permanent Makeup Artistry

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Permanent Eyelash Enhancer for Men

Permanent Eyelash Enhancer for men For men, Permanent Eyelash Enhancer will accentuate your eyes and give you a fresh look 24/7.  A precise thin pigment line is placed directly on the eyelash line.  Besides being a highly sought-after cosmetic procedure among women, this technique is also used by men who wish to make their eyes look more prominent without having to wear makeup. A faint line or series of dots are placed on the lash line to give more definition to the eye. It is not visible like tropical makeup, rather, subtly adds color back to the eye area.
One complementary touch up included within 8 weeks of first application.
Why Pretty Please Studio? Jee Kim, the founder of Pretty Please Studio in San Ramon, CA, is a trained tattoo makeup artist with extensive experience. We follow universal precautions to offer safety and customer satisfaction. We speicalize in advanced SoftTap modality, are registered with the Contra Costa Health Department, and compliant with OSHA guidelines. Contact Us, Now! To learn more about our eyeliner tattoo procedure or schedule an appointment, contact us at 415-320-0092.
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Cosmetic tattooing is the latest trend in the beauty industry. Pretty Please Studio wants everyone to look their best, and therefore, promises to enhance your looks with professional tattoo makeup that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Permanent eyeliner tattoo for Women
Permanent eyeliner tattoo is for those who want more definition around the eyes. Permanent eyeliner tattoo doesn’t smudge and thus, eliminates the need to check in the mirror for dark circles under the eyes.

We recommend a "Day Wear" look for liners. For occasional "Evening Wear" look, you can always add topical eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner for more dramatic effect. "Day Wear" look entails perfectly placed thin to medium eyeliner tattoo. To create an eyeliner tattoo, the pigment is tattooed directly on and above the top eyelashes, making the eyes look more defined. To complete the look, a precise line is tattooed on the bottom lashes to give you a bottom lash line. Whatever eyeliner style you prefer Pretty Please Studio will create the desired look. In addition, you get a complementary touch up within 4 to 8 weeks of the first application.

See eyeliner "Color Boost" for clients with previous eyeliner tattoos.


Permanent Eyeliner