Permanent Makeup Artistry

                                                           ​San Ramon, CA

SofTap Modality

SofTap modality permanent cosmetics has reinvented the art of permanent makeup. The SofTap hand

method is gentle, convenient, and offers beautiful results. Microblading slices the skin which may create deeper scar tissue. Softap is gentler with an "up and down" motion of the needle. Whether you have sparse eyebrows or need definition around the lips, with our SoftTrap permanent makeup services, you will love your natural look!  
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Say Goodbye to drawing on your eyebrows and eyeliner every morning.  And ditch the lipstick. You'll wake up looking refreshed and beautiful everyday.
Allergies and Sensitivity Ideal for women who are allergic or sensitive to topical makeup such as eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner. Helps you avoid daily use of products that may cause inflammation, runny eyes, red eyes and irritation.
Active lifestyle
Whether you're swimming, sweating, or simply on the go...permanent makeup will not smudge or wash off.  Consistently beautiful color and shape is the result, giving you the freedom to live an active life while looking your best.
Natural looking and subtle:
We recommend the use of subtle colors and classic brow design to achieve a "Day Wear" look.  For occasional bolder "Evening Wear" look, simply apply topical makeup over your permanent makeup.
Look More Youthful
You guessed it, you will look years younger. Perk up your eyes and lips.  Whether you have no eyebrows or eyebrow hair loss, we will create classic makeup artistry to draw attention to your beautiful eyes and lips. Adding subtle color and definition to your eyes are essential to making you look younger and defined.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup